About Us

Pioneering Agricultural Efficiency! Explore our Smart Poultry Feeding Machine for streamlined operations. Our innovative solutions, including self-cleaning mechanisms and remote control, redefine poultry farming. From easy installation to expert customization, we prioritize accuracy and waste reduction. Join us in shaping the future of farming for enhanced efficiency and profitability. Thank you for choosing Chickender!

Our Goal:

Our product will save your money! LESS grain will be wasted, so less money to spend on grains. This automatic feeding system will save your time! No more spending hours on feeding and cleaning the poultry farms! Let’s help our planet by wasting less grain, let’s help our planet by creating less pollution!

There are some reasons that why farms will be eager to buy this device:

Syrus Ahmadi

Syrus Ahmadi , CEO

He is CEO at Chickender Company. He has MBA degree, and also he is the manager of a Poultry Farming from 2015. In Chickender Company, he is responsible to lead company business and monitor all department, provide right direction to growth.

Iraj Kheirizad

Iraj Kheirizad , Operating Manager

He is the operating Manager at Chickender Company. He has PhD in electrical engineering, with nearly 20 years of experience in the production and design of electrical products and systems. At Chickender Company, he is responsible for developing the technology and product and researching and providing different versions of Chickender devices.

Ali Majidi

Ali Majidi ,Director of Business Development

He is Director of Business Development at Chickender Company. He has bachelor degree in Computer Engineering with experiences in livestock industry as automatic control manager, and also he has experiences Human Resources development, and managing projects. In Chickender Company, he is responsible for growing a company's business.

1) Feeding speed.
2) Automatic cleaning.
3) Feeding schedule automatically.
4) Cleaning the poultry floor without any container of water, food and medicine.

Advancing Together

In the coming days, we are excited to share news about our upcoming partnerships with esteemed industry leaders.

Simplify. Optimize. Conquer. Chickender: Smart Feeding, Seamless Farming!